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South-east Asia's first
and only theme park,an exhilarating experience.


Attraction: Revenge
of the Mummy

Definitely not for the faint of heart, the Revenge of the Mummy is arguably the most blood-curdling ride. The physical thrill of the ride is artfully intensified by the spine-chilling atmosphere.

"The unexpected rapid and sharp turns of the ride integrate masterfully with the legend’s famous story arc, offering a fully immersive experience overall." 

Attraction : Battlestar Galactica HUMAN v.s. CYCLONE

A brilliant amalgamation of the nuanced distinctions between humans and cyclones, to experience the attraction fully, riding either instantly entails riding the other. The sheer speed of the rides coupled with the sudden dips and drops forces your heart to put up a good fight. A must-try for all thrill-seekers.

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Attraction : Enchanted Airways

A ride that surely does the world of Shrek justice! Enchanted Airways is the sweet spot between the classical family-friendly ride and a thrilling roller coaster. Definitely a ride to consider when there with the young ones.

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Attraction : Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

A tranquil and calming scenery that comprises serene greenery, fascinating dinosaur figures, and the gentle splash and swash of water. This quickly escalates into a tense narrative that leaves visitors on the edge of their seat. The final drop concludes the ride in a thrilling and bittersweet manner.

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Dining : Loui's NY
Pizza Parlor

Serving typical amusement-park-type bites, Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor offers various options including pizza, pasta, drumlets, and mac & cheese. Don’t expect much though, as the setting offers a far from a cozy and comfortable experience and the food was glazed with grease and oil.     

Visit USS here.

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